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Second Harvest Hero is a year-round fundraising campaign that aims to raise funds and awareness in support of Second Harvest’s food rescue mission.  This campaign has multiple events and activities that are easy to implement and are completely customizable to fit each team's needs, whether it be a company's employee engagement and corporate social responsibility goals, or environmental and civics engagement for schools. All across Canada, we are recruiting Heroes! 


Teams can contribute through a wide variety of fundraising initiatives, from donation drives to virtual giving campaigns. Our most popular fundraiser: the Second Harvest Hero Sweepstakes, features an amazing prize board every year and tickets can be purchased online.

In 2021, over 80 campaigns raised enough funds to provide over 750,000 meals for families and agencies in need across Canada.  For our campaigns to come through in the way they did, during an incredibly difficult year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, is truly heroic support that we are incredibly grateful for!

No matter which coast or province you call home, whether your team is at the office or working from home, our Hero staff can help you kick off your most heroic fundraiser yet.