Did you know that reducing your food waste can save you money? We toss 2.3 million tonnes of perfectly good food every year, costing Canadian households an average of $1,766 a year.

That's why we are challenging households to do their part for the month of August to reduce their food waste and food costs and donate the difference back to Second Harvest. Inspired to see how much you can save? We have all the resources and tips right here to get you started.


Step 1: Register for the Challenge

Registration is simple and free! We have tools for you to use to make fundraising as fun and easy for you as possible. To get started, click here or contact Kris-John Kucharik at 647-223-5553 or at

Step 2: Track your hacks!

Have you found kitchen hacks that have reduced your food waste and saved you money - like freezing and eating leftovers, turning overripe fruit into gelato, buying only what you need and using smaller storage? If you need some ideas, we've got you covered! Estimate your savings and #DonatetheDifference.

Step 3: Show off your progress on social!

Take a photo of your economical and planet-friendly meal and post it with the hashtag #DonatetheDifference and tag @SecondHarvestCA. Take it up a notch and tag 3 friends to take the challenge with you. Need some inspiration? Be sure to follow us on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook to see how other people like you are doing their part.


Canada’s most heroic challenge is to end hunger and food waste. Close to 60% of all food produced in Canada is wasted annually, while 1 in 7 families experience hunger. Second Harvest acts as the bridge between this healthy food and those that need it most across the country. We work across the supply chain from farm to retail to rescue and distribute surplus perishable, nutrient-dense food to over 2,300 social service agencies, helping the most vulnerable people across Canada.

Second Harvest needs the support of Heroes like YOU to help us rescue this food before it gets to landfill and provide nutritious meals to those in need. Food from Second Harvest is provided free of charge to a wide variety of organizations including homeless shelters, women's shelters, kid's lunch and after school programs, centres for people experiencing mental health or addiction issues, and many other community resource centers where people in need can access basic services. For every dollar you raise, Second Harvest is able to provide two healthy meals for people in need. So why not support us?

Our goal with this new fundraiser is to raise $25,000 - providing over 50,000 meals for families and agencies across Canada!

Inspired to see how much you can save? We have all the resources and tips right here to help you get started.

To register, please click above or contact Kris-John Kucharik at 647-223-5553 or at

Thank you for being a Second Harvest Hero!

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of food produced is lost or wasted, that's 58% of all food produced!


is the annual cost of avoidable food waste.

worth of food is wasted yearly. That's enough to feed every Canadian for five months!


of greenhouse gases enter the atmosphere due to avoidable food waste.

The Impact you can make

Due to COVID-19, the need for your support has never been greater. Food insecurity continues to be a growing crisis during this crucial time.

Before COVID-19, 1-in-8 Canadian households were food insecure.

5.6 million Canadians are now struggling to put food on the table. That is an increase of 1.2 million.

Since COVID-19, 1-in-7 Canadians indicated that they lived in a household that was food insecure in the past 30 days.

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Every dollar raised for Second Harvest provides two meals. Here are some ways that makes a big difference:

$500 = provides enough food for over 1,000 fresh, healthy meals

$1,000 = provides food for warm, hearty lunches for 80 at-risk youth for an entire month

$2,500 = feeds a family of four for over a year

$5,000 = provides food for 500 students a year in afterschool nutrition programs

$10,000 = provides four classrooms of kids with an accessible lunch program for an entire school year